Pet Wellness Clinics is excited to offer local products that will not only make our clients happy, but their pets happy too!

The Pet Wellness Well & Local Boutique is open at all clinic locations and stocked with various items from partnering local businesses in the Indianapolis area.

As a local business ourselves, we understand the importance of community support, especially during times like these! The Well & Local Boutique’s purpose is to assist local businesses in reaching a wider audience, while also offering our clients items they will enjoy.

Indie Coffee Roasters Coffee

Price: $18

Pet Wellness is proud to partner with Indie Coffee Roasters to offer their signature coffee blends. Indie Coffee Roasters roasts their beans in their own Carmel, Indiana, location. They change their coffee blends quarterly, so check out their offerings at the Well & Local Boutique often. On top of creating amazing coffee, the company also has the cutest logo!

Pet Wellness Odor Eliminating Candle From Penn & Beech 

Price: $18

Pet Wellness has teamed up with Penn & Beech Candle Co to give our clients a candle that eliminates the odor, while calming your pet at the same time! Our candle is a custom fragrance that only we can provide.

The Pet Wellness Clinic’s Odor Eliminating candle is proven to get rid of any lasting pet odors and leave the room smelling of natural cedar and calming lavender. These candles have been hand-poured locally in Indiana and will burn up to 60-80 hours. The candle is 8 ounces.

Penn & Beech Odor Eliminating Spray 

Price: $15

In addition to candles, we also have Penn & Beech odor eliminating spray in the scents Lavender and Citrus. Use this as an air freshener or linen spray to keep your house smelling fresh!

DooDoo VooDoo

Price: $18

We are excited to offer the earth-friendly pet odor and stain remover DooDoo Voodoo! This product is different from other odor neutralizer products. It features an exacting, proprietary blend of domestic and imported ingredients that catalyze a chemical reaction when introduced to organic waste.

Cosmo’s Superior Foods Signature Chicken Jerky 

Price: $12.99

We know how important it is to provide the best products for your pets. With Cosmo’s Superior products, you can expect the highest level of quality available. Founded in Carmel, Indiana, Cosmo’s Superior Foods guarantees their chicken is of the highest quality and free of anything artificial.

Your pets deserve the best veterinary care possible