Now Offering Telemedicine — A virtual veterinary visit

Pet Wellness Clinics is excited to be one of the first to bring telemedicine services to the Greater Indianapolis area, allowing you and your furry friend to consult with our team when you’re at home or on-the-go.


TeleTails, our platform accessed via smartphone app, allows for a digital doctor’s appointment with live video and text messaging. Whether you just need to upload a photo or want to have a live video consultation, our digital services provide the flexibility to fit your pet’s needs.

TeleTails is available to both new and existing Pet Wellness Clinics clientele.

Connect with our veterinarians

We have all been there; Googling symptoms or hitting the message boards, and it never ends well. We are now offering a better way: consulting directly with our veterinarians about what matters most. Simply put, we have the technology so that you can consult with our veterinarians on-the-go or at home.

Telemedicine consultations are included FREE with a Pet Prime® membership!

Flexible to meet your needs

Our telemedicine platform, TeleTails, allows us to offer both video chat and message-based consultations. We provide the flexibility to use whichever is easiest and appropriate for you and your pet. Upload a picture or video, or have a live video consultation our telemedicine platform is flexible, meeting your needs under any circumstance.

What can you expect from a telemedicine consultation?

Telemedicine consultations are conducted on a secure platform through a smartphone application. Through the app you will request a consultation with our veterinarians. Requests are responded to quickly. Consultation wait times can range from 5 minutes – 60 minutes depending on the current consultation volume.

Consultations are only $49.00 and last approximately 10 minutes.

Unlimited telemedicine consultations are included at no charge for patients that are Pet Prime® Members. Click here for more information about Pet Prime Memberships.

If you are a new client, and have not visited any of our Pet Wellness Clinic locations, we offer a $25 initial telemedicine consultation.


Telemedicine Consultation Hours:


Monday – Friday

8am – Noon / 2pm – 6pm

Start enjoying the convenience of our virtual services today!

Your pets deserve the best veterinary care possible