Beach season is here, and even if your own body isn’t quite bikini or board-shorts ready, you will be pleased to know that there are some steps that you can take to ensure that your canine companion is perfectly groomed for the summer.

Here are our top summer grooming tips for dogs.

Summer fur

One of the biggest challenges of dog ownership in the summer is keeping your pet cool, something which is particularly difficult to achieve if your pet has a thick coat. Tangles and matting can make the problem of overheating worse, and potentially contribute to the development of bacterial infections.

Brush out the knots from your pet’s fur as well as you can using a good quality brush or comb. You may require the help of a professional groomer if you are to remove all of the matting without cutting her fur. Daily grooming will also give you the perfect opportunity to check for ticks – a parasite that tends to me more active in the summer months. You should also ensure that the hair between the pads of your dog’s feet is kept short.

Clean her ears regularly

Most breeds of dog have long, awkward-shaped ear canals that can make it easy for bacteria to become trapped inside and cause problems such as ear infections. Bacteria is rife in ponds, lakes, and rivers, so if your canine companion has been swimming to cool down, it is likely she has brought some unwanted bacteria back with her.

Always rinse her off after swimming, and then clean her ears using a high-quality cleaner as directed. If you smell a foul odor emanating from her ears, or they look red, swollen or sore, seek the advice of our veterinarian.

Trim her nails

While your dog needs nails to help her grip the ground when running and playing about, if they are too long they could break and cause injury or pain. Equally, it is advisable not to cut them too short as this could lead them in-growing and causing infection. If you aren’t confident in trimming her nails yourself, speak to our vet or a local groomer who will be able to perform this on your behalf.

Regular bathing

Not only will regular bathing help your dog keep cool, it will also help keep her skin clean and less likely to develop infections. You can purchase bathing products and shampoos that contain flea and tick repellents which can ensure your pet remains safe from infectious diseases spread by these parasites.

Protect her skin from the sun

If your dog has naturally short fur, or if you have had her hair clipped for the summer, it is especially important to ensure that her skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Sunburn isn’t uncommon among pets in the summer months, and her nose, ears, and abdomen are particularly at risk. Make sure to buy a pet-specific sunscreen and use it liberally.

For further advice on summer grooming for dogs, please do not hesitate to speak to our friendly, experienced veterinary team.

Your pets deserve the best veterinary care possible