Annual Protection Plans

Annual Protection Plans

Annual Protection Plans

Annual Protection Plans

Do you need an easy way to break up the expenses for year-round heartworm, flea, intestinal parasite, and tick preventative for your pets? This plan was made for you!

When you sign up, you will be billed the sign-up fee and the first month’s payment of your plan, then your credit card will automatically be billed monthly for the 11 additional monthly payments. (The manufacturers of the dog products offer a rebate that will reimburse you for your signup fee.)

We will provide your pet with year-round protection depending on your pets age and the products chosen. Generally, you will be sent home with 6 months of preventative at your first visit. Then, 6 months later, you will visit the practice with your pet to ensure that we have an accurate weight, to dose your pet correctly, and we will send you home with the additional 6 months of preventative.


12 Months of Revolution

Outdoor and indoor cats are at risk for contracting intestinal parasites, heartworms, fleas, and ear mites. Revolution is an all-in-one topical preventative that prevents heartworm disease, prevents flea eggs from hatching,kills adult fleas, preventing and controlling flea infestations, treats and controls ear mite infestations, and treats and controls intestinal hookworm and roundworm infections.

Sign-up Fee: $50
Monthly Payment: $10


4 Doses of Bravecto
2 Doses of Proheart 6

  • Less is more - 12 months of protection in 4 chews and 2 injections
  • Easy - 1 injection every 6 months, 1 chew every 3 months
  • A single Bravecto chew provides 12 weeks of flea and tick prevention. With only 4 chews a year provides your dog with year-round flea and tick coverage.
  • A single ProHeart 6 injection is an effective prevention of heartworm infection in dogs for 6 months. With only 2 injections, 6 months apart, protect your dog from heartworm disease, hookworms, whipworm and roundworm infections.

Sign-up Fee: $35
Monthly Payment: $25
Rebate: $35 (from Merck)


12 Months of Nexgard
12 Months of Heartgard

  • Nexgard is an oral chew, given monthly, that provides 30 days of flea and tick prevention.
  • Heartgard is an effective oral preventative, given monthly, for heartworm disease, hookworm, and roundworm infections.
  • PUPPIES - This plan is used to accommodate the rapid growth rate of puppies under 1 year of age since the dose they require may change monthly. ​​​​​​​

Sign-up Fee: $50
Monthly Payment: $25
Rebate: $50 (from Merial)