Is your dog constantly scratching, rolling around or having trouble sleeping? Their itchiness could be a sign of several different factors, such as:

  • Anxiety (While we bite our nails, they chew their paws)
  • Fleas or ticks
  • Deficiency in nutrients (copper, zinc, certain vitamins)
  • Food allergies
  • Environmental allergens (pollen, mold, dust mites)

Solutions to these issues include:

  • Increased activity or playtime to distract from anxiety
  • Monthly oral flea & tick preventative
  • A prescription diet
  • Cleaning dusty / moldy areas in their home

If your dog is showing any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to visit us. One of our vets can discuss symptoms and treatments to help ease your dog’s itch, including Cytopoint. Cytopoint is an injection that is the first and only treatment for dogs that specifically targets and blocks brain signals responsible for triggering allergic itch.

Cytopoint is typically prescribed for dogs with pruritus (itchy skin) due to allergic or atopic dermatitis, a chronic inflammatory skin condition that affects up to 10% of dogs worldwide. Within 24 hours of a single injection administered by a veterinarian, Cytopoint provides 4 to 8 weeks of allergic pruritus relief. As a biological medication (a protein, not a chemical), Cytopoint is safe to use in dogs of any age and with other diseases and has been prescribed for over 8 million dogs and counting. It does not interfere with other commonly used medications for canines.

  • Signs of success: 9 out of 10 dogs achieved treatment success with a single injection.
  • 93% of large/giant dogs (≥48.7 lb) had successful treatments.
  • 90% of pet owners were satisfied with Cytopoint, saying they would continue treatment.

Call us at (317) 516-5921 to schedule an appointment to discuss your dog’s itchy skin causes and treatments—we’ll have your puppy pal playing and sleeping peacefully in no time!

Your pets deserve the best veterinary care possible