BOONE COUNTY, Ind. — The Pet Wellness Clinic raised more than $2,000 for the Humane Society of Boone County as part of its “Peace, Love and Pets” campaign. The clinic gave the check to the humane society on Thursday. The money will go toward food, toys, cleaning supplies and more.

Animals at the Humane Society For Boone County are benefiting from the generosity of Pet Wellness Clinics and the owners of the animals they treat.

The seven Pet Wellness Clinics locations across central Indiana raised $2,034.92 for the Humane Society For Boone County and presented the all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization with a commemorative check Jan. 3.

Pet Wellness Clinics launched a “Peace. Love. Pets.” giving campaign to raise the money for the Humane Society For Boone County, which the veterinary provider also partners with to offer medical services to current and incoming animals at the shelter. The “Peace. Love. Pets.” campaign also enrolled 192 local pets into Pet Wellness Clinics’ Pet Prime™ membership program, which lays a positive foundation for a pet’s health while providing cost-savings for their owners. Each new enrollee upped the total for Pet Wellness Clinics’ donation to the Humane Society For Boone County.

“We feel it’s our duty to support the happiness, safety and health of all animals, and ‘Peace. Love. Pets.’ allowed us to do that in two ways,” Pet Wellness Clinics Owner Dr. Mike Graves said. “First, providing more resources for the Humane Society For Boone County to continue saving and creating a safe haven for animals. And Secondly, educating pet owners on the importance of year-round care that’s affordable and effective for their pet’s wellness.”

The donated funds are being used to purchase food, toys, cleaning supplies, beds and more for the animals housed at the Humane Society For Boone County shelter at 5366 S. Indianapolis Rd. in Whitestown.

“We are very grateful for Pet Wellness Clinics’ generosity and efforts to help support our all-volunteer organization,” Humane Society For Boone County President and Director of Animal Welfare and Fundraising Susan Austin said. “The proceeds will help us continue providing an even better service to the abandoned, neglected and homeless animals of Boone County.”

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