(A veterinary exam fee will be added to your invoice)

All grooms include bath, brush out, eat cleaning, basic nail trim and external anal gland expression.

Includes Dental Wipes, Nail Dremelling and Remoisturizing Conditioner

Pre-Shave/Dematting fee ($5, $10, and up- at the stylist discretion) Dematting can be uncomfortable and painful in some situations; therefore, some dogs will not be considered for dematting, and shaving will be the only option.

Please know that your pet's health and well being is our greatest priority. Our groomers are extremely experienced and will take the absolute best care of each and every animal in our care. Bridgeview Pet Wellness Clinic will not be held responsible for any pre-exisiting conditions or any injuries incurred, or any medical problems that may be uncovered, during or after the grooming process. There is always a slight risk of minor nicks when clipping off matted coat. As the owner I am responsible for the condition of my pet's coat as presented to Bridgeview Grooming. We reserve the right to charge additional fees we consider over and above the norm covered by our standard rates. If during the grooming process, it is discovered that your pet has any internal or external parasites, including fleas, we will treat these conditions at the owner's expense. Understand that it is your legal responsibility to disclose to the best of your knowledge if your pet has bitten, or attempted to bite, anyone in the past.

Your pets deserve the best veterinary care possible