With spring in full swing, there are more opportunities for your pets to venture outside and enjoy the weather. Unfortunately, this means more chances for them to get hurt as well. Whether you’re at the dog park or heading to a camping site, what will you do if your furry friend faces health issues this season while you’re on the go and not near your vet?

Prepare a first aid kit! While first aid treatment is not a substitute for veterinary care, it can make a big difference in emergency situations. Here are a few items to keep handy:

  • Numbers and records (Your vet’s phone number, emergency clinic number, poison control hotline, list of medications, vaccination records)
  • A spare leash / collar / harness
  • Gauze for wrapping wounds or muzzling an injured pet
  • Tweezers to remove foreign objects, such as ticks or pieces of glass
  • Bottled water to wash off toxins or treat heatstroke
  • Tasty treats to calm or distract your pet

Having a first aid kit ready not only helps your pet quickly, but it provides you peace of mind in stressful situations. If we can provide further information or assist in an emergency, you can call us at (317) 516-5921.

Your pets deserve the best veterinary care possible