We love making dogs & cats look great! And if you’re near our Bridgeview Pet Wellness Clinic, bring your pet in to our grooming salon. While they’re getting freshened up, we’ll be with them every step of the way. Whatever the breed or cut, our professional pet stylists are here to work with you.

Each pet’s service is personalized to their needs. First, bring on the bubbles. We gently shampoo your pet’s coat to remove dirt, debris and oil (using high quality hypo-allergenic coat handler shampoo). Plus, a complimentary massage!

Now that they’re squeaky-clean, the drying begins. We carefully use different methods to ensure their safety and comfort. We’ll brush, clean the ears, express anal glands and trim their toenails. Finally, it’s time for the transformation. Our stylists know just how to create cuts that work specifically with your breed and individual style. We guarantee you’ll love it.

We also offer additional services:

  • Nail dremmeling
  • Furminating shed-less treatment
  • Rejuvenating, remoisturizing, detangling conditioner

Grooming is done by appointment only. Let’s get your pet sparkling, clean and happy. Book your pet’s salon appointment at Bridgeview Pet Wellness Clinic today!

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Before your visit, please make sure your pet is up to date on the following:

  • Current Rabies Vaccination
  • Current Distemper Vaccination
  • Current Bordetella Vaccination (canines)
  • Current Bi-Valent Canine Influenza Vaccination (canines – CIV)
  • Negative Heartworm Antigen Test (recommended but not required – canines)
  • Negative Intestinal Parasite Fecal Exam (recommended but not required – canines)

Not up to to date on any of the above items?  We can update your pets’ annual vaccines and testing while they are here for grooming, all in one easy visit.  Check out our Wellness Package Special and Pet Prime for more information.

We do accept proof of vaccines from other clinics. They can be faxed to 317-284-0528 or emailed to grooming@petwellnessclinics.com.

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