Remi’s Perspective

Hi, my name is Remi! I’m a boisterous four-year old rescue lab. I’ve been told that I’m like an annoying little brother (in a loving way of course) and can be a lot to handle. While I do my best to be a good boy, I’ll admit I can be a little much. I’m a true mama’s boy and what she says goes. That’s why I was on my best behavior for my first visit to Pet Wellness Clinics.

When we walked into the clinic, it’s like they’d been waiting to meet me their whole lives. My name was by the front desk, on the wall, and everybody couldn’t wait to give me affection. It’s like I was there for a “love on me” session! We didn’t have to wait long before we were escorted into a private room. A really nice human in a white coat came in and talked all about me to my mom. I got lots of treats, she looked in my eyes and ears, tickled me along the ribs and I had no problem laying on my back for extra belly rubs… that’s my kind of affection

When it was time to go, there was another surprise waiting for me… a pup cup! Whipped cream and a mini ice cream cone, I could have eaten a dozen! My sisters have no clue how well I’m treated when I’m out with mom alone. But you better believe I couldn’t wait to rub it in their faces when I got home.

Owner Perspective

Remi is an active four-year old who loves to be in the middle of everything. He’s always pestering his sisters or “talking” to any human who will listen. I came across Pet Wellness Clinics when I was looking for a vet that would be a partner in his care. I wanted to go to a place where we wouldn’t just be another number or billing statement.

When I called to make the appointment, I knew they had Remi’s care in mind. The receptionist took detailed information over the phone and asked me to send his file from his previous vet so they could have a complete look at his records.

When we arrived for his appointment, we were welcomed into the clinic like we’d been there before, a dozen times. The vet techs greeted Remi with tons of attention, and he couldn’t soak up the love fast enough. Everything in the exam room was done with all animals in mind. They even have floor to ceiling windows to keep their patients from being anxious. The exam table, which doubles as a scale, was on the ground. Once Remi stepped on it, it could have lifted up, however our veterinarian got down on his level with him for his exam. The veterinarian entered the room having already read all of Remi’s charts and records to have a good understanding of his wellness history.

As the exam and our conversation went on, I felt that the vet cared about Remi as much as one of her own pets. She was genuinely invested in him and our family. As a dog mom, I want the best care for Remi, but I am also budget conscious. That’s why when we talked about the Pet Prime™ Membership I was excited to see we could budget and pay for preventative care with a monthly fee. The best part about Pet Prime™ for our family is that all vet visits are free! We never know what Remi is going to get into, and I have peace of mind to know that Pet Wellness Clinics is just a phone call away and we won’t be charged to come in. Or, we can even do a vet visit by phone- they called it telemedicine. So, next time Remi does something like eats all the stuffing, including the squeaker, out of his toy I can use the Tele Tails app.

The entire office was so comfortable and warm, and the way we were treated by Pet Wellness Clinics makes me excited to continue care with them. The true icing on the cake was the pup cup Remi received. He’ll be begging me to come back to the vet for more!

Your pets deserve the best veterinary care possible