Darby’s Perspective
So, here’s the deal… I’m a pretty in your face lady. I like my neck to be scratched, to see what everyone is doing, and always be part of the action. Whether I’m lounging on my favorite bed (yes, I have multiple) or, just curling up on the couch with my servants (my owners), I love to be loved.

But lately, people have been turning away from me. I had an idea that my breath wasn’t the most pleasant, but I had no idea it was THAT bad. Thankfully, my mom took me to Pet Wellness Clinics to have my teeth checked out. It turns out that I not only needed a teeth cleaning, but a few extractions, so my mom made an appointment for me.

The morning of my dental cleaning I was nervous. But as soon as I arrived at the clinic, I was given five-star treatment. When I walked in the door, they knew my name and I trotted right over to have the nape of my neck scratched. They remembered that little detail about me too! My mom said goodbye and I was taken back to a comfy area until my dental cleaning. I didn’t have to wait too long, and to be honest as soon as they lifted me onto the table, I was dreaming of endless piles of dog bones and pup cups. Before I knew it, I woke up with pearly whites! A human was always by my side and stayed with me as I woke up from that incredible dream. When it was time for me to go home, I got to send a video to my mom so she knew it was time to pick me up.

When my mom arrived, I was really happy to see her and gave her lots of kisses! She was super embarrassing and kept saying how much better my breath was. I mean, I guess I can’t blame her, I do feel a lot better and more confident knowing my smile isn’t turning people away. Thanks Pet Wellness Clinics for giving me back my million dollar smile!

Owner’s Perspective
Darby is my 14-year-old princess. She rules the roost, or at least, I let her think that. When I noticed that her breath seemed to be a little more than just “dog breath,” I contacted my local vet. A teeth cleaning and extraction was recommended, but I thought their price seemed high, so I decided to get a second opinion at Pet Wellness Clinics based on a friend’s recommendation.

I was really impressed with how Pet Wellness Clinics welcomed us into the practice. Darby’s name was written on the board outside, and as soon as we came in we were escorted into an exam room. Darby’s veterinarian did a thorough exam and also determined that teeth cleaning and extractions were going to be necessary. The price quoted by Pet Wellness Clinics was a third of my original estimate, and I saved even more when I enrolled in their Pet Prime™ Membership. The experience of the staff made me comfortable and the value was unmatched. I made Darby’s dental cleaning appointment on the spot.

The morning of Darby’s dental cleaning, I was a nervous mom. I felt immediately at ease when the vet tech knew our names when we walked in the door. Throughout the procedure, I received text message updates and phone calls to let me know how everything was going. And, when Darby was ready to be picked up, I received an adorable video message from Darby herself! When I arrived to take her home, I once again met with the doctor to discuss the dental cleaning, the results and how to care for Darby while she recovered from the extractions.

My dogs are my kids, and it feels great to know that Pet Wellness Clinics is there for us with affordable five-star treatment whenever we need it.

Your pets deserve the best veterinary care possible