Indianapolis veterinarian Preventing Illness

Pet Wellness Tip: Pets and Ticks

Spending time outside with your pet is fun, but you need to keep your eyes peeled for bugs like ticks, because they can make your pet very sick. Read original article here.


Pet Wellness Tip: Help your pet “beat the heat”

Pets can get dehydrated, too! Helping your pet “beat the heat” can be as easy as sharing some of your favorite summertime food! Betsy Smart has the sweet details in the week’s Tips and Tails. Read original article here.


Keeping your senior pet young at heart

As our pets age, their needs change. That’s why it’s important to track your pet’s health as they become seniors. Doctor Rachel Campbell and Doctor Kerry Peterson join us from Pet Wellness Clinics today with tips on how to keep your senior pet young at heart. To learn more, visit Read original article here.


Keeping your pets safe in the hot summer months

 As the summer heat builds in Central Indiana, keeping your four legged friends safe can be a big concern.  Dr. Kerry Peterson with Pet Wellness Clinics joins us with tips to keep your furry family member safe. Read original article here.


Locals Only: Caring for your best friends at Pet Wellness Clinics

In today’s Locals Only, Indy Style correspondent Annessa Chumbley visits Pet Wellness Clinics, where they offer affordable care for your best friends, with seven convenient locations. They’re so sure you’ll notice a difference in their care, that the first visit for new clients is FREE! To learn more, visit Read original article here.

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