Prepping for Pet Allergies

Allergy season is in full swing! Pet Wellness Clinics’ Dr. Rachael Campbell talks with CBS4 about how to identify pet allergies and provides a few ways to help your furry family member at home.

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month

How does infection occur? Mosquitos transmit heartworm disease by their bites. An infected animal has microfilaria within their bloodstream. When a mosquito bites an infected animal, it will ingest the microfilaria. These microfilariae mature over the course of two weeks into an “infective larvae stage” within the mosquito. When that mosquito bites the next animal […]

Preparing for a Puppy

Spring is a popular time of year for families to add a new puppy to their household, but it’s important to do a little research before bringing one home. Fox 59’s Sherman Burdette stopped by our Carmel clinic to celebrate National Puppy Day and talk with Dr. Kerry Peterson about how to best prepare for […]

Love Your Pet Day 2021

In honor of the recent #LoveYourPetDay we featured some of our Pet Wellness Clinic team members with their own furry family members. We thought you’d enjoy seeing them!

Preparing for Pet Poison Prevention Month

You may think that as long as your chemical cleaning supplies are hidden under the sink, your pets are largely safe. However, many seemingly harmless household items actually pose deadly threats to your furry ones. In light of March being National Pet Poison Prevention Month, we’re going to identify a few of those items. ​Avocado​ […]

Improving Dental Health at Home

Most of us presume our pets have perpetual morning breath, but ignoring their stinky mouths could be a huge detriment to them. Bad breath may indicate important, underlying issues with your pet’s health. We understand how easy it is to miss, as many of the problems that stem from poor hygiene occur where you can’t […]

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