Maintaining Your Pet’s Vaccinations

It can be hard keeping track of scheduling your pet’s needed vaccinations, but it is important to keep your pet’s vaccines up to date as they prevent many illnesses and help pet owners avoid costly treatments for diseases that can be prevented. Pet Wellness Clinics Medical Director Dr. Rachael Campbell shared with WTHR-TV what you […]

Employee of the Month August 2023

Meet our Employee of the Month for August, Liz Hunter! Liz has been in Vet Med for 4 years and has spent the last 2.5 with us at PWC! Liz continues to grow her knowledge at work and is now the office manager for our Springmill clinic. She is a leader and creates a team […]

Vet of the Month August 2023

Meet our Vet Spotlight for August, Dr. Stephanie Barringer! Dr. Barringer received her Bachelor of Science degrees in Animal Ecology and Animal Science from Iowa State University in 2007 and her doctorate in 2011. In our clinics, she enjoys dentistry, soft tissue surgery and interesting internal medicine cases. Learn more about her here!

Pet of the Month August 2023

Meet our Most Valuable Pet for August, Dahlia! Dahlia loves her bell ball and snuggling with her family. She hates to be disturbed in her sleep but loves to come to PWC to see all of her favorite ladies in her clinic at College Park!

Employee of the Month July 2023

Meet Alicia Yelinek, our Employee of the Month for July! Alicia has been in Vet Med for about five years and spent the last two with us at PWC! Alicia gives incredible patient and client care and has stepped up to help those around her. We are so grateful for her ambition and dedication to […]

Vet of the Month July 2023

Meet Dr. Bailey, our Vet Spotlight for July! Dr. Bailey has over 30 years of Veterinary Medicine experience, specializing in companion animal healthcare. Dr. Bailey graduated from the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. Professional interests include internal medicine, ophthalmology and virology. In 1981, he graduated from Purdue University with a Master’s […]

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