Why is my dog throwing up?

All animals vomit from time to time. Vomiting can be nerve wracking for pet owners to witness, particularly as our pets can’t communicate if there is something dreadfully wrong with them. This can make vomiting a worrying symptom, even when sometimes there is a fairly simple and innocent reason as to why your pet is […]

Pet Home Dental Care

Brushing and flossing our teeth may come second nature to us, but if you are relatively new to pet parenting, you may not realize how important it is to take the time to care for your pet’s teeth as well. Poor dental care has been shown to negatively affect our oral health, as well as […]


Memorials “Kanyon” Crafton Kanyon was our beloved min pin of 15 years. He was quite a ladies dogie at Bridgeview with the nurses. I cannot express how much all of you are so special to us for helping giving Kanyon a little longer life. He suffered from Cardiomyopthy. Dr. Graves took Kanyon to the Rainbow […]

What to Do When Your Dog has a Cough

Like humans, most dogs will develop a cough at some point during their lifetime. While in many cases it may be a symptom of a simple, mild virus that will run its course quite quickly, there are occasions where a cough may be indicative of a more worrying health problem that requires veterinary assistance. Types […]

Facts and Myths about Heartworms in Pets

Most pet owners are aware that heartworm disease is a lethal infection in pets and is generally more prevalent in warmer weather. However, few pet owners are aware of exactly what heartworms are, how their pet can get it, and other serious facts that could help them protect their pets better from this disease. There […]

Why dogs eat grass

Dogs are notorious for their lack of pickiness when it comes to their food. Many dogs will eat literally anything that they can find, including slippers, newspapers, and pretty much any item of food they feel inclined to snag. One of the most puzzling things that dogs tend to chow down on is grass. Yes, […]

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