How to Keep Your Pet Busy Indoors

As a loving pet parent, keeping your furbaby entertained and exercised is one of your many responsibilities. Many inexperienced pet owners don’t realize that mental and physical stimulation are extremely important aspects of their pet’s care and well-being. Failing to receive enough of either can lead to your animal becoming bored, and unfortunately, boredom is […]

How to Help a Puppy Gain Weight

If you have recently welcomed a puppy into your family – congratulations! A puppy is a perfect playmate and will be a wonderful companion to have by your side as he grows older. Much like children, puppies need a great deal of care to make sure they develop into healthy, active adults. One of the […]

Human Medications You Can Use with Sick Pets

A sick animal is one of the worst fears of any compassionate pet owner. While getting veterinary advice is always the best possible course of action, there may be times where you can’t get to your vet straight away to get the medication that your animal needs for immediate relief. It may surprise you to […]

Common Dental Treatments for Pets

Dental care is a routine part of pet ownership yet remains something that comes as a surprise to many people. Most pet owners are prepared for looking after their new animal’s body, but aren’t fully aware of the importance of their new furbaby’s dental health. Your pet’s teeth are just as important to her as […]

Heartworm 101 for Dogs and Cats

Heartworm disease is generally considered a condition that only affects dogs, but many other mammal species can suffer from it or act as carriers. Heartworms have been known to infect dogs, cats, ferrets, wolves, coyotes, sea lions, and there have even been reported cases of human infection as well. Severe lung disease, heart failure, and […]

Why is my dog throwing up?

All animals vomit from time to time. Vomiting can be nerve wracking for pet owners to witness, particularly as our pets can’t communicate if there is something dreadfully wrong with them. This can make vomiting a worrying symptom, even when sometimes there is a fairly simple and innocent reason as to why your pet is […]

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