Walking Your Dog During Winter

January is National Walk Your Dog Month — a perfect reason to get up and get moving even when the winter temperatures are dragging you down. Dogs need plenty of exercise throughout the year, and the best way to keep them active in winter is to take them for regular walks. Pet Wellness Clinics Medical […]


Meet our Most Valuable Pet for January! Mia is a 9-year-old Lab mix who loves cuddling and sleeping. She loves the PWC staff, and we love her too!

New Year’s Resolutions Should Include Pet Care

Commentary by Michael Graves, DVM, Owner and CEO of Pet Wellness Clinics The new year brings new goals and new opportunities for you to bond with your pet and develop healthier habits. There are many ways we can improve the lives of our furry friends, and the new year is a great time to get […]

Safe Toys and Gifts for Your Pets

It’s important to keep safety in mind as you’re shopping for those important people — and pets — in your life. Toys and playtime aren’t just a bonus for your pets — they need fun engagement to learn, stay active and avoid boredom. Pet Wellness Clinics Medical Director Dr. Rachael Campbell talked with Fox 59 […]

Pet Safety During the Holidays

Nothing can spoil holiday cheer like an emergency trip to the vet. What should you watch out for to help prevent a holiday disaster with your pets? Pet Wellness Clinics Medical Director Dr. Rachael Campbell talked with WTHR-TV about how to keep your furry family members safe during the winter holiday season.

Understanding and Celebrating Cats

December is National Cat Lover’s Month — a time to honor the beauty, smarts and sass of our feline friends. They can be fiercely independent and unpredictable but also loving, affectionate and outgoing! Pet Wellness Clinics Veterinarian Dr. Chris Robinette talked with Fox 59 about what you need to know to take care of your […]

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