Vet Shortage Causes Industry Challenges

The veterinary industry is struggling to hire enough veterinarians and support staff to keep up with the demand. There are not enough veterinarians nationwide, and more and more support staff are leaving the industry due to the physical and emotional toll of the job. Pet Wellness Clinics’ Dr. Chris Robinette talked with WRTV about the […]

Don’t Let Pets Overindulge

It’s not just humans who overeat during the holidays. Pet owners may also be a bit indulgent with their pets, offering them goodies from the Thanksgiving table. What foods should you avoid giving your four-legged family members? Dr. Chris Robinette of Pet Wellness Clinics shared advice with WRTV.  

Fleas Still a Pest in Colder Weather

With the chill in the air comes sweaters, warm drinks … and fleas! As your pets are heading back inside to warm up, they are bringing the fleas with them. Pet Wellness Clinics Medical Director Dr. Rachael Campbell talked with Fox 59 about signs your pet may have fleas or flea allergies and the importance […]

Don’t Let Halloween Get Spooky for Pets

Halloween can be the spookiest night of the year, but keeping your pets safe doesn’t have to be tricky. Pet Wellness Clinics Veterinarian Dr. Chris Robinette talked with Fox 59 about everything from candy to costumes and decorations with advice on how to protect your pet.

Managing Pain in Your Pets

How do you know your pet is in pain? Most pets experiencing pain alter their behavior in some way, but it may not be obvious. Pet Wellness Clinics Medical Director Dr. Rachael Campbell talked with Fox 59 about signs your pet may be in pain and how treating that pain with medications labeled for human […]

Pet Safety During Halloween Hype

Commentary by Michael Graves, DVM, Owner and CEO of Pet Wellness Clinics. Lights and decorations, costumes and masks, a constant parade of strangers at the door — Halloween can be a downright spooky experience for our pets. All the hype can be stressful, so you can minimize noise and distractions by sitting outside to keep […]

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