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Ready to start earning a paycheck now? Lock in your dream job and get paid to finish your final year of school with our Vet Graduate Program.

Vet Students

Our Vet Graduate Program is designed for college seniors who are pursuing a veterinary career and want to join the Pet Wellness Clinics team after graduation. Don’t stress about searching endlessly on LinkedIn and sending out hundreds of resumes. Make learning your #1 priority – PWC has your back.

Pre-Hire Program Details:

Pet Wellness Clinics will pay out a $20,000 pre-hire sign-on bonus that will be paid out monthly over the remainder of your schooling.

You must sign an employment contract with an approximate start date and terms and compensation to be negotiated when the student graduates. If you decide not to pursue an employment contract with PWC after the sign-on bonus has been paid out, you will be responsible for repaying the total amount they received as a stipend.


  • Above industry compensation
  • Generous sign-on bonus or student loan assistance
  • Flexible schedule to support a great work-life balance
  • Strong tech utilization with a ratio of 4-5 support staff to 1 vet
  • Scribe services to minimize record keeping and reduce workload stress
  • Mentorship and CE allowance—grow your knowledge through collaboration across the network and through special interest courses
  • Professional dues, license fees, allowance
  • Unlimited puppy cuddles
We also offer the most current, state-of-the-art surgical and diagnostic tools and equipment:
  • Dental x-ray
  • Full digital radiology system
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) review of every radiology case
  • Therapy lasers, ultrasound
  • Imagyst automated fecal analyzers (cloud-based AI)
  • Paperless medical record systems
  • Complete in-house lab

Interested in joining our team?

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What Our Members Say

This company has done so much for both my professional and personal growth. I started as a technician and over the years continued to develop into new roles with different responsibilities to expand my knowledge and push my boundaries. I have gained confidence and communication skills that I otherwise would not have developed. I love this company, the people I work with and the ability to make changes to better veterinary medicine all around.
Jade Heath

District Manager, Pet Wellness Clinics

Thank you, Dr. Mike Graves, for the opportunity to work for PWC. I truly appreciate all the decisions you make to better this organization. I know first handed that is it difficult to juggle all the areas from client service to employment to scheduling to inventory….etc all with keeping an eye on the bottom line financially. I recognize there are no easy decisions in this current financial and employment environment. You have always been receptive to my suggestions and made me feel free to offer my opinions. And Megan has always been great anytime I need a schedule change. I appreciate that.

Dr. Lisa Eller

Veterinarian, Pet Wellness Clinics

I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with some of the most caring, and compassionate doctors and techs here at the Pet Wellness Clinics for numerous years. With Having a wonderful management team who put a lot of time and effort into hiring these amazing & knowledgeable doctors and techs, who truly love their jobs by helping their clients and their pets daily,…everyone gets to be part of a very close ‘family’ type work environment.

Bonnie McMahon Howen

Client Service Center, Pet Wellness Clinics

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