April is National Heartworm Awareness Month

How does infection occur? Mosquitos transmit heartworm disease by their bites. An infected animal has microfilaria within their bloodstream. When a mosquito bites an infected animal, it will ingest the microfilaria. These microfilariae mature over the course of two weeks into an “infective larvae stage” within the mosquito. When that mosquito bites the next animal […]

Manager of the Month March 2024

Madison Leech is our Manager of the Month for March! Madison has spent the past 4 years with PWC, and we could not be more grateful! Her dedication to the clinics and her drive to become a leader in the clinics are just a few of the qualities that make her a stand-out manager. She […]

Pet of the Month March 2024

Meet Boots, our Most Valuable Pet for March! Boots loves to cuddle and always loves her peanut butter. She seems to be too good for toys, but she loves everyone she meets! Boots loves to visit PWC and visit with the friendly staff.

Employee of the Month March 2024

Meet Addyson Schwab, our Employee of the Month for March! Addy has been with PWC for 6 months and is always so kind to our patients and clients. She brings light to the office and is fun to work with! She is greatly appreciated in our clinics and always works hard to help those around […]

Taking Care of Your Pet’s Teeth

While February is National Pet Dental Health Month, dental health should be a daily ritual for pet owners all year long. Pet Wellness Clinics Medical Director Dr. Rachael Campbell talked with Fox 59 about the signs of pet dental disease and what you can do at home to help prevent it.

Manager of the Month February 2024

Introducing Manager of the Month! Meet Amanda Triplett, this month’s honoree. Amanda has been in Vet Med for 13 years and her dedication to her job is inspiring. She has managed our Noblesville clinic for multiple years and has always ensured that her staff, patients, and clients are getting the best care — some clients […]

Pet of the Month February 2024

Meet Flash Gordon, our Most Valuable Pet for February! Flash loves to take walks and play with his mom and cat brother! He treasures his lean treats and tennis ball toys. He loves to come visit us at PWC for the treats, endless belly rubs and the way the staff makes him feel safe.

Employee of the Month February 2024

Meet Ryan McCartney, our employee of the month for February! Ryan has been in Vet Med for 8 years and spent a little over a year with us at PWC. Ryan is always willing to help at our clinics and is amazing with clients. She always has a positive attitude and keeps everyone around her […]

Why You Should Train Your Dog

January is National Train Your Dog Month to remind pet owners that dogs need socialization and schooling to become well-behaved companions. Pet Wellness Clinics Medical Director Dr. Rachael Campbell shared with Fox 59 how training your dog not only teaches manners but also provides great mental stimulation for your pet, keeps them safe when youre […]

Groomer of the Month January 2024

Our Groomer Spotlight for January is Jason Vedder! Jason has been grooming for 15 years and started this career path because it seemed fun to him! When he’s not grooming your furry friends, he is spending time with his family, going to church, playing and singing music. Thank you for all you do, Jason!

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