Prepping for Pet Allergies

Yes, dogs and cats can have allergies. And they can show symptoms similar to humans. The difference is they experience most of those symptoms through their skin. Pet Wellness Clinic Owner and CEO Dr. Mike Graves has tips on what to watch out for and some things you can do at home to help keep […]

Pet Allergy Awareness

The lingering heat and humidity along with a rising pollen count means allergy symptoms are particularly severe this year, and that goes for our furry family members. Pet Wellness Clinic Owner and CEO Dr. Mike Graves talked with CBS4 about how pets experience allergy symptoms and what you can do to help.

Pandemic Causes Burnout in Vet Industry, New Technology Helps Staff

Veterinarians around the country are experiencing burnout, and the feeling is no different in central Indiana. Pet Wellness Clinics Owner and CEO Dr. Mike Graves spoke with WRTV about the stress the pandemic has put on the veterinary industry and how Pet Wellness Clinics’ call center and new artificial intelligence (AI) technology is helping staff […]

Scary School Supplies

Some items on your child’s school supply list can be dangerous for your four-legged family members. What supplies can be choking hazards? Which art materials and glues should you stay away from? Pet Wellness Clinic Owner and CEO Dr. Mike Graves shares those supplies that can pose serious health risks for your pet. Read more […]

Back-to-School Dangers for Your Pet

Every year, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Poison Control Center notes an increase in back-to-school-related pet poisonings, many of which involve kids’ backpacks and school supplies. Pet Wellness Clinics’ Dr. Rachael Campbell talked with Fox 59 about those items on the school supply list that can pose serious health […]

Staying Safe in the Heat

Sometimes pets can be even more susceptible to heat-related illnesses than humans. Pet Wellness Clinics’ Dr. Rachael Campbell offered Fox 59 some tips to keep your furry family members healthy while it’s hot out.

Easing Pet Anxiety During Holiday Fireworks

July 4th celebrations can be a lot of fun, but for some pets the noise can be frightening. Fox 59 spoke with Dr. Rachael Campbell from Pet Wellness Clinics about how to avoid triggers, reduce anxiety and how your vet can help keep your pet calm during the holidays.

Are Cicadas Tasty Treats or Tummy Trouble for Pets?

Brood X cicadas are starting to emerge, and some pet owners are wondering if they’re harmful to their furry friends. Fox 59 talked with Dr. Jim Dechand of Pet Wellness Clinics about how you can keep your pet safe and what to do if your pet happens to eat one.

Pet Wellness Clinics Offers New Artificial Intelligence Platform for Rapid, Point-of-Care Diagnoses

Pet Wellness Clinics, a local network of veterinary offices, is now offering a new diagnostic platform to detect intestinal parasites more rapidly in pets. Vetscan Imagyst uses image recognition technology, algorithms and cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) to allow veterinarians to identify intestinal parasites in dogs and cats, view images and share the results with pet […]

Bug Buffet: Cicada Invasion and Your Pets

Trillions of cicadas are coming to the U.S. — and Indiana is one of the main states where these winged, red-eyed insects, known as Brood X, will emerge in large populations. It’s a once-in-a-17-year chance for this natural phenomenon, but are they harmful to your four-legged family members? Pet Wellness Clinics’ Dr. Jim Dechand talked […]

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