Client Information

Patient Information

Plan Information


12 Months of Revolution Plus
  • $35 Membership Fee
  • $20 / mo
  • (Automatic Annual Renewal)
  • $35 Rebate (from Zoetis)


1 Dose of Proheart 12
12 Doses of Simparica
  • $50 Membership Fee
  • $25 / mo
  • (Automatic Annual Renewal)
  • $55 Rebate (from Zoetis)


12 Months of Nexgard
12 Months of Heartgard
  • $50 Membership Fee
  • $25 / mo
  • (Automatic Annual Renewal)
  • $50 Rebate (from BI/Merial)

Payment Information

I have read and understand the following:

  • I will be billed for the Membership Fee and First month’s payment today when I check out.
  • I approve my credit card to be billed monthly for the additional 11 monthly payments for the initial benefit year.
  • This plan will AUTOMATICALLY RENEW in 12-month benefit year increments and I approve my credit card to be billed monthly for all of the additional monthly payments until I terminate my plan at the end of a benefit year.
  • I will be sent home with no more than 6 months of preventative at any given time (with the exception of Proheart 12).
  • This plan is a 12-month benefit year, that is non-transferrable, non-cancellable and that all fees are non-refundable.
  • Prescription preventatives and all medications are unable to be returned.
  • All services and products are only able to be received during the membership benefit year (For example: if you fail to pick up your second six months of preventatives before the end of your benefit year, you will lose that product)
  • Pet Wellness Clinics is not responsible for overdraft fees associated with my plan.
  • If payment is not made within 5 days of the regularly scheduled payment date, the plan will be terminated.
  • If the plan is terminated or cancelled for ANY reason (this includes, but is not limited to: pet is rehomed, pet passes away, pet is lost, etc.) during the benefit year, I am responsible for paying for all the services and products that have already been used in the plan during the benefit year.
    • The cost of all services & products already used in the plan are determined by invoicing used services & products at regular cost and applying credit for the plan’s monthly payments that have been made (credit of monthly payments does not include sign-up fee)
  • If my pet has a lapse in heartworm prevention for more than 30 days, I am responsible for updating my pet’s heartworm test at my cost, prior to receiving additional preventatives.

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